Scratch My Nose (hereafter known as SMN) is a multi-media group who have created and directed over 30 major projects in many different disciplines incorporating film, performance, graffiti campaigns, street art, radio and sound. SMN’s unique and innovative approach always seeks new creative platforms to question and challenge common perceptions by confronting and humouring its audience. Over the last 25 years SMN has defied conventional approaches to art making in endlessly inventive ways. While their signature style falls against the grain of their contemporaries, their ‘jump-cut slash-together’ aesthetic is unique and immediately recognisable.

"Wild. Unlike anything I have heard really" - Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth)

“Great examples of quality, freeform, creative and adventurous art … Ritalin inspired, constantly chattering and clinically insane.” - Brian Turner, WFMU New Jersey. USA. Music / Program Director.

Their work has been shown in Sydney and Melbourne Australia, Beirut Lebanon, Santiago de Chile, New Jersey USA and London UK. Members of SMN now live in Sydney Australia, Santiago de Chile and London UK.